Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mortgage Pre Approval's made easy!

 Amy's Pre-Approval Process:

As your mortgage broker, I only represent you, my client and I am aligned with a number of lenders to secure you the best mortgage and rate.  While I am taking care of your mortgage plan, you can focus on one detail, finding your dream home!

Why is it important to go through Amy's pre approval process?

 A: to avoid disappointment when you find the house you love.  Lenders and mortgage insurers have different ways of verifying incoming and determining your debt to income qualification ratios! If you are not properly pre-qualified, you may have your heart set on a home purchase that does not work.  I take the time to bring you through the process below to ensure you have a solid pre approval in place.

 I have outlined my simple mortgage process below:
Step One:

The link below is for my website, just click on the apply now button and follow the prompts – this application will come direct to me as soon as you have completed it.

Online application - minutes to fill in

Step Two:

Upon receipt of the above online application - I will send you a consent form via docu-sign – it takes less than a minute to sign and no app download is needed.

Upon receipt of the signed consent and the application, I will contact you to fill in anything that may be missed and issue you a list of required paperwork for the lender.  Below you will see a generic list to get started with and we can update it once we have the application and consent completed.

  1. letter of employment – company letterhead, job title, start date, base income paid, name and contact number to verify the letter
  2. Most recent paystub
  3. If you earn bonus, overtime or commissions please also provide last two years Notice of assessments and T-1 generals
  4. two pieces of ID - one must be a picture ID
  5. 90 day banking history with name and account number on it to verify your down payment
  6. Void cheque
If you own another home:
  1. copy of the mortgage statement
  2. copy of the property tax assessment
  3. copy of rental agreement if you have one
  4. copy of the condo fees if there are any
Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions you may have,
Contact me today to get the pre approval process started!

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