Wednesday, June 6, 2012

3 mistakes when buying a new home

We bought our home when it was brand-new. There had been another buyer before us, but he backed out of the deal because of a foundation problem. The builder disclosed that the problem had been repaired. We were desperate and angry, so we purchased the property. Now we are selling it, and the buyer's home inspector says the foundation was not properly repaired. It seems that we've gotten ourselves into a real mess. What could we have done to prevent this? --Marion

DEAR Customer: You made three critical mistakes when you bought the property. The first was to buy it when you were "desperate and angry." Regardless of why you were feeling that way, a home purchase should never be based on negative emotions. Property is very expensive, and that kind of expenditure should be made only with clear thinking and sober rationale.
The second mistake was to accept the condition of the foundation without written proof of the repair work. Adequate proof would have been an engineering report on the foundation problem and a contractor's receipt for the corrective work.
The final error was purchasing the property without hiring a qualified home inspector. Buyers often assume that a new home does not need a home inspection, and many homeowners have come to regret that unfortunate assumption. Had you hired a home inspector, you might have learned that the foundation was defective. Then you could have had it repaired by the builder, or you could have backed out on the deal.

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