Monday, January 20, 2020

What does your Real Estate Lawyer do?

If you are planning to purchase real estate, you may be familiar with the fact that a lawyer is required in such a transaction. Whether it is your first or one of many– there still may be confusion about a real estate lawyer does.


If you are purchasing real estate, your lawyer may:

  • Arrange & view title search;
  • Ensure conditions are satisfied;
  • Deal with lender & handle funds;
  • Conduct business with seller’s lawyer;
  • Counsel & defer to you: the client.


If you are selling real estate, your lawyer may:

  • Obtain & review parcel info;
  • Receive & respond to requisitions;
  • Acquire funds from buyers for encumbrances or mortgage;
  • Conduct business with buyer’s lawyer;
  • Counsel & defer to you: the client.

At What Point In The Process Do I Contact A Real Estate Lawyer?

For both buyers and sellers, we recommend contact a real estate lawyer as soon you’re ready to sign an offer to purchase. This is a legal document that you’ll want a lawyer to review so you understand the implications. A lawyer can explain this contract to you in plain English so you’re familiar with the legal jargon. You’ll also need the help of your real estate lawyer when conditions are met and you’re ready to close.

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