Thursday, April 19, 2018

Mortgages are confusing!

With the plethora of every changing mortgage rules and the access to banks, online lenders, investors, alternative lenders etc.  and multiple types of mortgages, where does a home buyer start?

What is a broker?  I have always used my bank, is that bad?  I am overwhelmed and I don't know how to go about this? My friend was offered something else, why is it different for me?
I never try because I don't think I can get a mortgage? 

The questions and or statements in regards to mortgages can go on forever!  I have been a licensed mortgage associate with Brokers For Life DLC for 8 years now and I continue to get new questions every day.  No ones situation is the same or equal when it comes to qualifying for your mortgage.

As your mortgage professional I try to make things simple by taking every potential client through the same process every time so I can truly understand your unique buying situation and make sure I tailor a mortgage to fit your needs.

I am a trained professional who is continually training and learning so I can take the confusion out of your mortgage experience!

I offer a free 5 star service, so call me and ask any questions you have in regards to mortgages and see if getting pre approved for a mortgage will be your next step!

Don't have any questions, but want to get started!  Go to my website and apply online today!

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