Sunday, January 29, 2017

Your Mortgage Plan! I promise it is easier than you think.........


What does your mortgage plan mean?   I have customers come to me on a referral basis daily and the only thing in common with all my clients is that their mortgage needs and what they need to do to qualify is unlike anyone else!!!!  This is where I come in - as your mortgage girl, I look at each individuals unique situation and figure out a mortgage plan for them based on their credit, job history, down payment and what their lifestyle needs are.  What I want to stress to anyone who is reading this article and all the people who are referred to me - this is a safe zone for you, no judgment - I am here to help no matter what. 
Today I am going to focus on something that many people are not aware is available to them, absolutely free of charge and it can change your buying future for the better.


 My start right program is working for many clients and has proven to be very successful for my clients and my referral partners.

I have a follow up system in place, based on what is required to get a client, you, in a mortgage.  For some reason you don't qualify to buy right now and usually get discouraged and give up when you are told you are declined by the lenders. 
I look at  your decline from a lender as an opportunity - the first step is taken - you know you want to own a home - so what needs to happen to get you there.  I set up a plan, free of charge for you so you can reach your home ownership goals. 

The program is set from 4 months to 2 years to get you qualified! Instead of staying in the same dreaded cycle of not qualifying because you don't fully understand why you didn't in the first place or didn't know how to fix it.

All the correspondence I send to you to get back on track is also co-branded with your original referring partners(realtor, home sales consultant, friend) information on it and when you are ready to buy, you are referred back to them to buy your home!

Contact Amy Wilson today!  I promise it is easier than you think and well worth it!

You dont' even need to leave the comfort of your own home as all my services are done over phone, email and or fax!

Click here to do an ONLINE APPLICATION NOW!

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