Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Home Energy Effciency

Amy Wilson/Your Mortgage Girl - Home Energy Efficiency

I recently put together this Home Energy Efficiency Checklist to help homeowners optimize their energy consumption and reduce their energy bills.

I designed it as an easy-to-use guide for periodically examining your home to find energy-wasting trouble spots. It also includes some preventative maintenance tips that will help you avoid problems before they happen.

  • Check your heat and A/C systems.
  • Check windows and outside doors for drafts.

  • Check furnace switch, fuse and breakers.
  • Check furnace blowers, oiling motor and changing belt if necessary.
  • Check thermostat accuracy by taping thermometer to wall next to it. If discrepancy, have it re-calibrated by a technician.
  • Check central air condensing unit for obstructing leaves and debris, and hose out if necessary.
  • Keep shrubs pruned back to maximize airflow.
  • Check room A/C condensate drain outlet for plugging.

  • Check and clean/change room A/C filters.
  • Check room A/C condenser coils.
  • Check furnace filter and change if clogged.
  • Check insulation for type/thickness, beginning in attic/top floor.  Upgrade if inadequate.
  • During humid weather, check central A/C condensate drain to ensure it is carrying off excessive moisture.

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