Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Take the guess work out of Mortgage Paperwork

Paperwork your mortgage professional needs to finance your home purchase!



Salaried or full time hourly employee w/ no overtime

1. Letter of employment dated within the last 30 days on company letterhead, signed with a contact name and number.  You must include date of hire, wage and permanent position.

2. Most recent pay stub

3. 90 day banking his troy to verify your down payment - it can be a online baking statement but we require the name and account number.  ( any lump sum deposit over $1000.00 will need an explanation and paperwork to back it up)

4. Void cheque

5. Picture ID

Contractor, union, overtime income

1. all of the above and......
2. Last two years T-1 Generals ( Yes, all the pages, usually the accountant can send them direct)
3. Notice of Assessments from the last two years with prof of any amounts due paid in full

Self - Employed

 1.Proof of business ownership - Articles of incorporation or business license

2. in some cases - business financials from the last two years

Own additional property rental or second home

1. Copy of the mortgage statements for any properties owned

2. Copy of the property tax assessments for any properties owned.

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