Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Birdhouses = Mortgages?

I have been asked - Amy why the Birdhouses on your website and business cards and email?

My very simple answer  - I am a mortgage broker, which means I get people mortgages so they can move into their dream homes.  I use the birds as representation of the client and bird houses to represent their homes.

The full story:  My parents have a wonderful home right on the lake and it has a plethora of Birdhouses - they are all unique, different and serve a different purpose for each of its occupants!

Every time I go and visit my parents, I thoroughly enjoy sitting and watching all the birds in their homes.  All the homes are different and all the birds are different, but they all take pride in their very own home!  It makes me think of my clients, they are all different and all need different mortgages so they all can have pride in ownership.

So PLEASE - send me pictures of birdhouses as I love them very much and I am always looking for the next best birdhouse to bring to my parents place to add to the growing collection, so keep me posted!  Thanks again for your interest!

Amy Wilson
Verico Brokers For Life

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