Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mortgage Rates

Attention Rate Shoppers!!

Most of the clients I get a phone call or email from are so focused on rates that they lose site of the other mortgage details:

The reality is, the mortgage rate is a just one piece to the mortgage process.  Rate is very important, as long as the mortgage that is offered with that rate works with your purchase plan.

For example:  here are some things to consider

1. How long do I need a rate hold for? 30, 60 or 90 days or a year.....
2. What type of mortgage do I need - Draw or completion......
3. What options does the mortgage come with
     a) pre-payment privileges
     b) payout penalties
     c) can it be ported or the rate be blended
     d) how is the title registered
4.  Do I need Bridge financing from the sale of my current home
5. Does the rate work with my credit situation
a) First Time Home Buyer
b) New to Canada
c) Self Employed
d) Commission Income
e) Union income
f) Maturnity Leave
g)Divorce or Separation

As Your Mortgage Girl, I take you on a step by step process so I can ensure you have been properly pre-qualified and quoted a rate that encompasses your entire mortgage needs, not just a rate.  You can confidently go shopping for a home once you have been pre-qualified by me:)

I work around your schedule and I am available by email, phone, text or fax and I have a office located in Edmonton if you wish to meet.  I will make this process as easy for you with " Options, Not Restrictions"

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Thank-you for your time,
Amy Wilson
VErico Brokers For Life

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