Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Your "Mortgage Plan!" More than rates, A PLAN!

There are many reasons why I enjoy helping people
with their mortgage needs. Perhaps the most obvious
one is the deep satisfaction that comes from
helping people to realize their homeownership goals,
as well as helping them
accomplish financial success.

Another reason is, mortgages are a real learning process,

and no two applications are the same. This is why I would
like to help you create Your Mortgage Plan. When it
comes to a mortgage, most people think they are in debt
for the rest of their lives. With a mortgage plan, we are able
to build a customized plan to suit your individual wants,
needs and goals. No two people have the same spending and saving habits, so you
need a customized plan that matches your personal situation.

Part of the plan is my ongoing commitment to first class 
service; we become your
partner and help you achieve your goals. A mortgage plan can be tailored to anyone
who is buying a home for the first time, buying your fifth home, have a mortgage
coming up for renewal or even looking for debt consolidation.

If you or anyone you know has a mortgage and wants to save tens of thousands of

dollars, I am here to help and take pride in teaching people how to save money
and put it back into your own pocket.

If you have any mortgage related questions or concerns, or if you have any family,

friends and neighbours that do, please have them contact me, because I love
what I do and I love helping people take control of the financial future.

Amy Wilson
Mortgage Options... Not Restrictions.
Verico Brokers For Life

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