Monday, November 9, 2015

Niche Mortgage Products! - Doctors, Mitlitary, Engineers!



As a mortgage broker I have the flexibility to offer a number of Niche mortgage products with a number of different lenders in order to represent your specific mortgage needs.  I will only pull your credit bureau once and doing all the mortgage shopping on your behalf, free of charge!  See below for some great niche products.


1. Most lenders and banks will only allow up to five acres of land, but I have a lender that will allow you to get a mortgage on a home with up to 150 acres!

2. Have you been Discharged from Bankruptcy?   If you have 2 years discharge with two new trade lines of credit on your bureau and 10% down I have options for you.

3. I offer a Doctor's approval program - If you are still in residency or have been in Canada less than one year with 20% of the purchase price down, I can get you mortgage using your projected income.

4.No Down payment, but you have a lone of credit, Credit Card or can get a loan - I can get you a mortgage with as little as 5% down and that can be borrowed - I even have someone who can get you the loan:)

5. Do you need some cash back when you move into your home - we can work the cash back into the mortgage rate so you can cover expenses once you move in.

6. Special Home Equity Line for Engineers

7.  Military - Special low docs programs and rates to get you into your own home.

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