Tuesday, October 20, 2015


" Amy, we love our home, it is where our children have been growing up, the trees in the yard are just now looking the way we imagined and the layout is perfect, but we need more space!  We look at these new homes and are thinking that maybe we should give up this home so we can have something new and fresh, Can you help us?"

The statement above or variations of this are brought to my attention all the time and I always tell my clients I have two options for them to consider:

Option 1. Yes you can sell your home, take the equity out and purchase a new home


Option 2. If you love you home so much, let's just make it New!  We can use the equity you have in your home to fund the renovations. 

How does this work:  I can arrange a refinance plus improvements mortgage on your behalf to pay for your renovations, with one manageable mortgage, and we can use the equity in your home up to 80% of the appraised value.

Option 1 - We get your home appraised and if you have sufficient equity in the home to cover the cost of renovations ( must have 20% equity or greater) we complete the mortgage and you get the additional funds and start your job - there is nothing more to be done with the lender.

Option 2 - We obtain an appraised value based on the completion of the renovations and can then get you funds up to 80% of the improved vale of the home.  Once you have competed the work, we have the property inspected and as long as you met the initial quote for the renovations, the remaining money is released to you.

 " TURNING your home into your DREAM HOME"

Contact Amy Wilson to learn more or to start the process. 
I work direct with many clients and also work with my realtors for value added service!

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