Thursday, September 3, 2015

Have Future Buying Plans?

Thank you to those that let me represent them with their mortgage requirements. I hope they're happy for years to come... 

Once I've obtained a client, I want to have them for LIFE! I want to be the person you'll always think of when you think of Mortgage needs. So whenever you think you might be ready to buy an investment property/second home, do a home renovation, or refinance, just call or email me and I'd be happy to help.

My promise to you is that when I can help, I'll show you all the options, and if I can't, I'll explain why and work with you to accomplish the goal or connect you to someone who can.  So if you hear that any family or friends are looking for mortgage products, please recommend me and let me know about their plans. I promise to provide them with the same high-quality service I gave you.

Thanks again for your support, and I hope the years ahead reinforce the confidence in the decisions you've made.

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