Thursday, August 8, 2013

Secure your home with the most advanced devices

(NC)—The latest in electronics is giving our households improved security, better options for our budget, is quickly making keys a thing of the past – and is now letting us control our premises from a smart phone. Instead of hiring a security service, for example, install deadbolts with a built-in alarm. The first of its kind, this keyed-entry lock lets you hear instantly when someone goes in or out, tampers with it, or tries to force their way in, says the innovator, Schlage. Details are at While on the website take a look at the other options for a keypad entry. This latest deadbolt technology, for instance, lets you add controls for lights, heating, cooling and more. If security management is important while you're away, connect your mobile device to an optional subscription-based service called Nexia Home Intelligence. It gives you camera surveillance, plus the ability to lock and unlock your doors, to pre-schedule the security monitoring for specific times every day, and to receive text alerts when the alarm is triggered.

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