Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another BOOM???

Last night, CTV Edmonton aired a special assignment entitled "Fort McMurray on the Verge of a Boom". In this special they are indicating that there is another boom on the way, which will be more controlled and lengthy. Fort McMurray is already seeing these effects, as job postings are up, housing vacancies are almost non-existent, and people from all over Canada are moving there again. As we know from a few years ago, this will have a direct effect on the Edmonton area.

As well, oil is nearing $100 per barrel! They are estimating $150 per barrel by July of this year.

With all this activity and recent media buzz, the real estate market here will be affected. As well, with the mortgage guidelines changing soon, home ownership will be out of reach for some people. If you missed out last time, you won't want to miss out this time around!

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